Real Property Tax Appeals and Special Assessments

Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys: Real Property Tax Appeals and Special Assessments

For a variety of reasons, most municipalities in Minnesota are over-dependent upon property taxes as a source of revenue to fund town/city budgets and education budgets. Residential property values appreciated at a very high rate between 2002-2006. Commercial and industrial property values also appreciated at a healthy rate during that period.

As a result, taxpayers have been examining the value they receive for their taxes and, more often than not, the affordability of their investment in light of recent tax increases. We have extensive experience prosecuting and defending property valuation cases and handling property tax appeals for residential, commercial and industrial properties of all shapes, sizes and locations.

We assist property owners in towns that we do not represent in evaluating their tax assessments, correcting any errors, appearing before boards of assessment appeals, obtaining an appraisal, attempting to amicably resolve excessive assessments and, if the foregoing do not achieve the client's goals and needs, pursuing an appeal.

For numerous towns, we provide tax appeal defense in cases challenging both real property and personal property assessments.

At Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. , we represent property owners in property tax appeals in towns and cities that are not clients of the firm. Because of our extensive experience in administrative and real estate law, we are well-positioned to represent property owners who believe their property has been overvalued. If you wish to challenge your property tax assessment, please contact our law firm today.


Special Assessments

A special assessment is a government tax charged against private property and collected with real estate taxes. Cities typically use special assessment charges against private property to pay for public improvements like road construction, installation of sewer lines water mains and sidewalks. However, other government entities like a County or even the State can charge a special assessment against your property. By state law, the government's special assessment charges are legal only if the government can prove its public improvement specially benefits your property more than other property in the city or county where you live. The government must also prove the fair market value of your property increased more than the amount it charged against your property resulting directly from the improvement the government claims specially benefited your property. These special assessments can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The attorneys at Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. are experienced in governmental and municipal law and can help you legally challenge these assessments. We will make sure you don't pay the government more than it can legally and permissible charge you. The laws relating to special assessments are complicated and you must act quickly to guarantee your rights are protected.


Representing Municipalities

We have successfully represented several municipalities in connection with the defense of personal property and real property (commercial, industrial and residential). We utilize experienced appraisers who are well recognized for their expertise and credibility by the courts they testify as experts in. Our attorneys make a point of not simply relying upon expert opinion but also conducting our own due diligence with regard to the subject property, neighborhood and comparable properties. We understand the dynamics of municipal-taxpayer relations and the importance of balancing grand list stability and predictability with equitable tax assessing.

If you believe your property has been overvalued or if you need an experienced advocate to defend your town or city's real and/or personal property assessments, you can rely on the attorneys of Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. We are a client-focused, results-oriented law firm that provides practical, cost-effective legal solutions to complex legal problems. Please contact our law firm if you have questions about your current or past property taxes.

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