Family Law and Divorce

Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. family law practice strives to provide excellent family-related legal services. Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. is a full service Minnesota family law firm which provides legal representation in family law proceedings in all courts. Your goal of achieving a fair and cost-effective result in your family law matter is our priority.

Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. has handled cases involving divorce, domestic abuse, child custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, contempt, and grandparents' custody and visitation. Our family law attorneys have represented men and women in divorce cases. We can help you make realistic assessments of the possible outcome in court and we have the skills to effectively advocate for you.

At Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. we strive to settle family-related matters cooperatively and collaboratively, although we are prepared to employ litigation when necessary and appropriate. At Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A., we strongly believe in mediation as a tool for effective resolutions. Our attorneys incorporate their mediation training through all aspects of their practice. The ability to mediate a divorce allows the parties to actively engage and play a strong role in the outcome of their case and is less expensive - both physically, emotionally and financially. When it is clear that neither mediation nor negotiations will aid in resolving your divorce, will we aggressively litigate all disputed issues in your case.

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