Representing Municipalities

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Representing Municipalities

We have successfully represented several municipalities in connection with the defense of personal property and real property (commercial, industrial and residential). We utilize experienced appraisers who are well recognized for their expertise and credibility by the courts they testify as experts in. Our attorneys make a point of not simply relying upon expert opinion but also conducting our own due diligence with regard to the subject property, neighborhood and comparable properties. We understand the dynamics of municipal-taxpayer relations and the importance of balancing grand list stability and predictability with equitable tax assessing.

If you believe your property has been overvalued or if you need an experienced advocate to defend your town or city's real and/or personal property assessments, you can rely on the attorneys of Jensen Sondrall Persellin & Woods, P.A. We are a client-focused, results-oriented law firm that provides practical, cost-effective legal solutions to complex legal problems. 

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